Project ideas with small capital in Egypt for youth

Project ideas with small capital in Egypt for youth

Project ideas with small capital in Egypt for youth

Project Ideas With a small capital in Egypt for young people, nowadays many wish to start their new project which will help them in their life journey comfortably, but the question here is what this project you will win well, and you have enough information about it and you can We are going to launch projects with small capital for young people in Egypt so that you have an idea about them.

Project ideas with small capital:

The project of selling fruits and vegetables is one of the projects that needs some attention and quick understanding, as well as a little knowledge and relations to be done in the best and best way. In Egypt, any project related to food in any way is one of the successful projects, especially the sale of vegetables and fruit The project includes the sale of vegetables and fruit, which is well packaged and well packaged, and sent to the house by the delivery agent.

Here is the idea of ??the project. The location and location of the project must definitely be in an upscale area, such as new cities such as October, Jubour, Shorouq and other new cities. Buy the best types of Harmful and fruit from the market Friday, cleaned and packaged well and is then distributed to homes through direct sales vehicles, it is also possible to undertake this project one day a week if you’re studying through distribution through Arab transport will win lots and lots.

Ideas for small projects in Egypt for youth:

 The projects of rental cars have spread in a very large way in Egypt in our time, so we thought this idea is evidence of the success of the projects Karim and Ober, so we will show you this idea, you either be a driver or a distinctive car, and from this point all you have To be offered in one of these companies, and soon to communicate with you and your work easily, and also continue a lot with these companies and have already achieved huge salaries and successes in that field.

The idea of ??a project is very profitable and inexpensive:

A project with a simple capital, a vehicle eaten as we mentioned before, anything that contains food will win a lot and many, the most successful projects in Egypt are the food projects and we note its success from other projects, since many of us are forced to eat fast foods in the street, Student, worker or teacher, so we come to you with this idea is the idea of ??a fast food cart in the street, and to succeed this project must be the location of the vehicle is excellent and also have a good vehicle to work on, and contains a stove for cooking and heating food, Another to your park and help you in the morning and evening, there are many People are successful in this area, such as food carts on the streets of the Sheraton and October.

Best project in Egypt now:

The livestock project, which means raising a certain type of bird or animal, is one of the most important projects of our time, but you have to have experience in this field and have a background that is not simple for greater profit. You may need one or two cleaning and food It is necessary to have a machine for grinding and processing the animal feed that you will use in your project. Rabbit breeding projects are one of the most successful and simple projects, and do not require large capital. All that is on the ground is experience and practice. In the project you must study A good benefit through which you can achieve the largest possible profit in a short period.

Hair salon project with limited capital:

 The project of a hair salon for men or women does not depend very much on the experience unless you decide to work with your hand in this project where you can take a course somewhere, and learn how to work the latest pickups, which is like any project does not require large capital, The project will also need to provide some creams and special oils, and certainly the addition of mirrors, and the appropriate decoration of the place and the project, you must also choose a good place for the salon in an appropriate area, and also remember that you

By marketing the project well to ensure with Everyone is relaxed by opening your shop and bringing customers to it. Carpet cleaning project with very simple capital: This project is strange to some and also suspicious, but if explained to you in the right way you will know its advantages and importance, all you will need is to rent a suitable place and must be in a suitable area and also prestigious, You may also need two workers who do good cleaning, but they must have good experience in this area. You may of course need cleaning tools and raw materials to clean them. Materials of great effectiveness are confidential Its effect.

The project of selling sportswear with small capital:

Those of us who do not like to wear beautiful sportswear with a distinctive shape, we will show you the project today will be very easy, it is simple and does not require a large capital or great effort, all you will be the formation of public relations with people and identify the most important dealers of clothing at a low price One of the areas and deal with them, all you have to do is buy a suitable place in an area with lots of gyms or clubs and go to buy sports clothes from places that import cheap prices such as Port Said and put them in your project by buying the manicans of course and dressing it to show Clothes well, you N remember the charm of marketing and advertising in the success of your project and achieve the greatest possible profit.

Your e-marketing project with no capital:

This project does not require any capital, allYou are required to follow the sites that you want to sell or want to buy and become an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. In this result you get an appropriate commission from the basic amount of goods sold. You may need an Android device or tablet. User, and subscribing to some groups on a social networking site from which to display your sales.

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