Feasibility study of the coffee shop project from the ground up

Feasibility study of the coffee shop project from the ground up

Feasibility study of the coffee shop project from the ground up

The project is one of the most profitable projects in our time, as it does not require certain expertise to succeed, the owner must follow only a few instructions, this project is aimed at a wide segment of customers, does not require the owner of the coffee project to the employment of certain specifications, We will show you the feasibility of the coffee shop project from the ground up. We will show you how to market the project and the most important information that the owner of the Kofi project should know. Shop and we will show the tools and furniture that will be facing The project we will show the necessary labor, as we will show the feasibility study of a coffee shop family, we wish you pleasant reading.

The most important features of the coffee shop project:

There are a number of features that characterize the Coffee Shop project from other projects that we will put forward to you in the following lines:
The coffee shop project is targeted at a large segment of customers, as it attracts young people from the age of 15 years up to men on pensions.
Achieves a large percentage of sales compared to projects that cost the same value.
The owner of the coffee shop sells products at twice the real price, making fantastic gains in a short time.
The project owner is not required to have a specific qualification or experience in order to succeed in his project, and this project is characterized by the fact that his management is not as difficult as it is in other projects.
The owner of the project does not need raw materials that are not available. All raw materials are available and easy to obtain, so the project owner is assured that his project will not be disrupted.

The employer will not have to employ workers with certain specifications that are not available, as the labor that is invoked is widely available and easy to acquire easily. Thus, the owner of the coffee shop needs only good publicity and taking into consideration the assets of the service to make profits.

The most important factors for the success of the coffee shop project:

The owner of the coffee shop must take into account when choosing the place to be in an appropriate area and the vitality and the area of ?? the shop is large. The owner of the coffee shop should consider that all decorations are carefully selected and suitable for the atmosphere of the coffee shop, because the poor decoration may harm the customers in a state of boredom, which can affect the project negatively.

The owner of the coffee shop should choose the team that works with him very carefully, because there is a direct relationship between the professionalism of the team and the satisfaction of the customers with the satisfaction of the place and service provided, so the staff must have experience in the field, and must have all the methods of fitness and commitment and good treatment with Others. The owner of the coffee shop must take into account the cleanliness of the place. If the customers are confident that the place will be clean, they will be permanent customers and if they feel that this place is not clean and does not take care of hygiene, they will not return to it.

The customers complain about him, they will flee from the place and will not return to him again, where he must have enough diplomacy to deal with those positions. The owner of the coffee shop must be intelligent and think about the services and entertainment that the customer wants and wants. In principle, he must provide Internet service through Wi-Fi, and he should provide the encrypted chat service to serve as a magnet for customers. The owner of the project must build a feasibility study on the basis of accuracy and according to the circumstances available to him to be aware of profits accurately.

The most important marketing and sales methods in the coffee shop project:

The owner of the coffee shop must make a huge opening ceremony, and he must offer products and services at a lower price than the truth in order to attract customers and make a good name for himself. The coffee shop owner may distribute invitations to young men and women in clubs and universities to attend and have fun in a coffee shop and may make a 50 percent discount to the callee. There is also the idea of ?? making a number of campaigns on websites and paid social media, in order to educate the youth inside and outside the city.

The coffee shop owner should communicate with a number of girls and young people who have a large number of friends on Facebook and in fact, come to the place with their friends and make big discounts for them, because that will attract a large number of customers later. It is possible to provide a service for youth seminars at noon in the coffee shop, while keeping away from discussing politics in the coffee shop so as not to harm the place, the owner of the coffee project will benefit the people who attend the symposium and will be a declaration of the place and the level of service.

The most important requirements of the coffee shop:

We will offer you the basic requirements for a coffee shop that everyone can provide according to their needs: a cappuccino machine made up of two automatic or semi-automatic eyes, an American coffee maker, a juicer, an orange juice machine, an ice machine, and a machine. A large size microwave, a potato bowl, three large size trays, a tray with various sizes and a plastic sound, a choke tray, knives, spoons, and a tea heater. The owner of the coffee shop should provide a cup of cappuccino, a large, medium and small size dish and a heater for sandwiches.

The necessary employment to be addressed by the coffee shop project:

 We will show you the number of employees that requires to be mojoThe coffee shop project will need to employ five people to prepare customers’ requests and special coffee workers. The coffee shop will need cashier’s staff and must have experience in this area. One or two people will need to clean the place and clean the bathrooms. .

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