6 steps to learn modern and professional selling methods

6 steps to learn modern and professional selling methods

6 steps to learn the methods of selling modern and professional, marketing experts put it for anyone who wants to master the art of convincing the customer to buy the product or service, it is not the simple form that you believe, because selling art, especially if you explain to the customer what you offer him, how can you convince him To buy what they promote. We are in the position of “cultural information” we prepared this subject for you dear reader to enjoy the mastery of the art of persuasion by learning modern and professional selling methods, so this important article to the end.

6 steps to learn modern and professional selling methods

Studies have shown that using a language that the customer understands makes you sell more. If you use a specialized language that the customer can not understand every word, you will lose it forever. Studies in global marketing have proven that the customer does not usually buy because of the advantages of the product. .

But it buys it because it understands the benefits that the primary responsible for understanding it is you as a successful marketer, unfortunately most marketers talk about the advantages of the product, do not make the customer understands what this product and how it was made, in this case to ask the client to do your work, To discover the product by itself.

However, if you talk to your customer in a simple and flexible manner and explain this product and do not mention any features during the explanation process, you will inevitably win a customer. Here are six steps to learn the modern and professional selling methods in detail that have been developed by Apple’s global smartphone sales advisor.

1. Be aware of the difference between advantage and benefit

You have to be fully aware of what is the difference between the feature and the benefit when you talk about a product or service that you offer, the feature is not usually cared for by the customer, but he cares more about the benefit that you will return to it. With a completely safe roof against accidents. You are here to review the advantage of the car and not the benefit that will be returned to the customer, and the most correct sentence to make him see the benefit before the advantage is to say: This car is fully safe in the event of any risk, and here the customer will feel that he will benefit from this car, You will be safe if you happen to hate God forbid.

2. Using the rich and understandable language at the same time

After explaining how to remind the customer the benefit rather than the advantage, I know that the benefit will remain in the mind of the client easier and longer, and when the definition of a product or service used the words easy and powerful at the same time, because this is the art of persuading the customer to buy, for example: Tell the customer if you are selling suspended ceilings that this ceiling will provide full protection if for any reason, here the customer will ask how he will provide protection and is likely to fall ?! But the correct sentence is: If this ceiling falls, no one will be harmed because it is made of crumbling materials. There are no blocks that can hit anyone if they are signed. Here the customer understands it but easily.

3 – Make the list of benefits of your product is short and not long

Apple’s marketing manager asserts that there is a big mistake in all marketers: to prepare a long list of up to twenty items for the benefits of the product or service, while the psychologist asserts that no matter how much memory he remembers, Only, often the benefits of ten to twenty will be forgotten. The benefits of the three to ten will be a recurring benefit does not add new, gave the Executive Director an example of this speech and said: It is wrong to say that Apple’s latest version of the phone has ten benefits, but the most correct is to say that the new Apple phone has two advantages will Make you live a unique experience with Apple.

4 – Stay away from the use of terms that do not make sense

This step is one of the six most important steps to learning modern and professional selling techniques. It is to avoid any terms that no one else understands. It is known that any salesperson is familiar with the product or service he is promoting. That it preserves terms that the customer does not understand that it offers something distinct.
But that’s a big mistake !! Because it will provide a definition of the product completely devoid of any emotion may arise between him and the client, the psychology has confirmed that there is a human relationship between the representative and the client; may become more solid or may be completely interrupted, for example: it is wrong to say that the car carrying chassis SHF 43 When the agent mentions this sentence to the client, he will be a knowledgeable and false representative of the product.
Because he himself does not understand what he said, but it is more correct to say that this car has a chassis made with the latest modern means. Then the client asks if he understands the meaning of the chassis, but he does not explain the meaning in a simple way without using any word without meaning.

 5 – remember the real benefits in the product and declined to lie

There is a complete disregard of marketers for the idea of ??mentioning what is already in the product and its real benefit. We find that all marketers do not mention the real real benefit, but use unclear qualities, believing that the many non-existent benefits may convince the customer to buy, The moment will lose at least one hundred customers at once. The customer will not forget what you have exaggerated and will tell his friend and friend will tell his friend, in addition to the whole family that will avoid buying this product or service. And you have to use the actual definition of your service or product. It’s wrong to say: There’s a reduction on the new Apple phone. The truth is, there’s a 30 percent reduction on the new Apple phone when you buy two phones.

 6. Do not mention anything about competitors

You may think that from the remember the disadvantages of your opponent in front of the client and this is a big mistake, when you start to convince a customer to buy the service or product to provide the benefit provided by only without mentioning any competitor, and without mentioning that you have an advantage does not have your competitors, . He said the company had never mentioned any feature on the phones and was not on the phones of the competing companies, making the company rise to a high position as if it was not a place to compare with anyone. With this policy in place, Apple was able to record more than seventy-five per cent profits because no competitors were mentioned in the promotional advertisements or written content about their production.

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